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I'm researching the MacLeod family from Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. James McLeod (which he spelled MacLeod when he moved to the U.S.) was probably born in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1820s (1824?). He emigrated to PEI circa 1850. He then emigrated from Canada to the U.S.A. in 1895. His gravestone can be found in the Boston area. Who came before him? I'm primarily interested in genealogical and biographical information about the following people.

He married his first wife, Ann Bolger, July 4, 1850. They had 7 kids, of whom 6 survived. Who came before her?

After his first wife died, he was married again in PEI, this time to Margaret E. Barnes; they had 7 sons: Edward, Henry, Charles, Frederick, Ernest James, William, J. Gordon, and 2 daughters: Mary Gertrude, and Amy. (All born on PEI?) Ernest James MacLeod was my great grandfather, one of whose sons Gordon had Gordon (1929-2007) (, who is my father. Who came before Margaret Barnes?

My parents have two children, myself and my brother Sandy, aka Alexander Brown MacLeod (

In addition, I'm researching the Mary Glynn family, my great grandmother who married my great grandfather Ernest MacLeod. She was born in St. John's, Newfoundland. Who came before Mary Glynn?

I'm also researching my paternal grandmother's father's family. His name was John Driscoll and was born in County Cork, Ireland and married Catherine Ryan who was born on Banquet Hill, County Tipperary. Who came before them?

My father's eldest brother was Francis Earnest MacLeod.


My mother's father's father was Alden Hugh Brown and he married Martha Holway Chadbourne, who died in childbirth. Benjamin Lincoln, in the Chadbourne line, received the sword of surrender from the British in the Revolutionary War and fought in Shay's rebellion. I'm familiar with some of the Chadbourne history through William Chadbourne in England in the late 1500s but don't know who preceded him. William Chadbourne (1582 - aft. 1652) crossed the Atlantic on the Pied Cow (Pide-Cowe) in 1634. Lt. Alexander Scammel Chadbourne of Maine, I think, (See Jim W. Corder's book "Hunting Lieutenant Chadbourne" which contains letters by my grandfather, ACB, as well as being a good read) who fought in the War of the Rebellion and the Battle of Chickamauga around 1862 is also in this line. Fort Chadbourne in Texas is named after him.

Sarah Bolles (b. January 20, 1656/57), who married Humphrey Chadbourne (14 generations back from this author), reportedly comes from a long, documented line of kings and queens in Scotland, England and France (see Bacon's "The Chadbourne Family in America: A Family Genealogy"): "Sarah Bolles has a well-established royal descent from Edward I, King of England (1272-1307) and many earlier Kings of England, Scotland and France, as published in 'Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists' by Frederick Lewis Weis, 7th Edition [1992] compiled by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr."

Here's what the online Encyclopedia Britannica says about Edward I:

"b. June 17, 1239, Westminster, Middlesex, Eng. d. July 7, 1307, Burgh by Sands, near Carlisle, Cumberland

byname EDWARD LONGSHANKS son of Henry III and king of England in 1272-1307, during a period of rising national consciousness. He strengthened the crown and Parliament against the old feudal nobility. He subdued Wales, destroying its autonomy; and he sought (unsuccessfully) the conquest of Scotland. His reign is particularly noted for administrative efficiency and legal reform. He introduced a series of statutes that did much to strengthen the crown in the feudal hierarchy. His definition and emendation of English common law has earned him the name of the "English Justinian." "

Here’s what the online Encyclopedia Britannica says about Edward I’s parents:

"Edward was the eldest son of King Henry III and Eleanor of Provence. In 1254 he was given the duchy of Gascony, the French Oléron, the Channel Islands, Ireland, Henry's lands in Wales, and the earldom of Chester, as well as several castles. Henry negotiated Edward's marriage with Eleanor, half sister of Alfonso X of Leon and Castile. Edward married Eleanor at Las Huelgas in Spain (October 1254) and then traveled to Bordeaux to organize his scattered appanage. He now had his own household and officials, chancery and seal, with an exchequer (treasury) at Bristol Castle; though nominally governing all his lands, he merely enjoyed the revenues in Gascony and Ireland. He returned to England in November 1255 and attacked Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, prince of Gwynedd, to whom his Welsh subjects had appealed for support when Edward attempted to introduce English administrative units in his Welsh lands. Edward, receiving no help from either Henry or the marcher lords, was defeated ignominiously. His arrogant lawlessness and his close association with his greedy Poitevin uncles, who had accompanied his mother from France, increased Edward's unpopularity among the English. But after the Poitevins were expelled, Edward fell under the influence of Simon de Montfort, his uncle by marriage, with whom he made a formal pact. Montfort was the leader of a baronial clique that was attempting to curb the misgovernment of Henry."

"Edward reluctantly accepted the Provisions of Oxford (1258), which gave effective government to the barons at the expense of the king. On the other hand, he intervened dramatically to support the radical Provisions of Westminster (October 1259), which ordered the barons to accept reforms demanded by their tenants...” The Encyclopedia Britannica continues for many more pages about Edward I.

Jeremy O'Brien is also a direct ancestor from the revolutionary war period, who fired the first naval shot, and I'm interested in how he relates to the rest of the tree.

I'm also interested in who came before Alden Hugh Brown, a mining engineer.

My mother's mother's father was Oscar Gilbert, MD of Boulder Colorado, who married Agnes Kirkbride who also had roots in Missouri, Virginia, and Colorado. Some of Agnes Kirkbride's forbears, one named Jane Horn, came from Kirbythor and Appleby in the north of England, not far from Newcastle-on-Tyne. My grandmother received some heirlooms from her, because her mother assisted Jane Horn financially at some point, I think. How does she fit into the line?

My mother’s mother, Rachel Gilbert Brown, who had a great interest in family history also said that we have a Native American Cherokee ancestor, only a few generations before her. Where does he (I think) fit in the line?

Some of Oscar Gilbert's ancestors, the Powells, came from Virginia in the late 1700's. Who came before them?



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