Contact Improv

Contact Improv

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Making Contact: Atlanta Contact Improv Jam 2006:


Contact Improvisation in performance:


Pilobolus: A performance merging dance and biology:


Contact Improv Jams in the San Francisco Bay Area

Mondays: Fairfax jam in Marin: 7:00-8:30 class; 8:30-11 jam

Tuesdays: Counterpulse jam in S.F. 6:30-8 class; 8-11 jam

Wednesdays: Shotwell jam in S.F. 6:30-8 class; 8-11 jam

Thursdays: Jam at 7th Heaven Yoga in Berkeley, 8:30-11... jam

Saturdays: Contact Jam at Sawtooth building in Berkeley: 1:30-3 class; 3:30-6 jam



Call Scott at 415 480 4577 for more information
about Contact Improv in the S.F. Bay Area


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