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To reduce carbon output greatly, let's produce worldwide Art Haines' SunneV - Infinity Miles per Gallon Solar Car -

Infinity Miles per Gallon: Art Haines and the Solar Car

Art Haines designed this solar car, which goes 20-30 mph, at home in Maine, and made it with high school kids.

And let's move much commerce and the economy into the virtual worlds of Open Simulator and Second Life. Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" film projects a median ocean level rise projection of 20 feet (7 meters}. Clipper ships for commerce, too ...


Here are some examples of low-carbon, energy autonomous concepts for generation, buildings, vehicles and devices.

Energy Generation

Ted Talks: Bill Gross: Great ideas for finding new energy ~



Energy Autonomous Concept ~ Buildings

Here's how to solar-power your house: science.howstuffworks.com/solar-cell5.htm

In general, deploy solar panels (and/or wind turbines), inverters, batteries (powerfromsun.com), and add a hookup for your hybrid car; ~ sell excess energy back to the electrical grid. For example:

Darmstadt Technical University's Louvered Panel Solar House

Solar Decathlon - U.S. Department of Energy

Friends' Committee on National Legislation's Green Building in Washington D.C.


Energy Autonomous Concept ~ Transportation

I'd like to see an energy-autonomous Venturi Eclectic-like power system, in a Toyota Estima Hybrid (Japan only) vehicle, that goes 70 mph, for the U.S. Why doesn't the U.S. have 500 million of these, {or the world a few billion}?

Venturi Eclectic


Solar cars: auto.howstuffworks.com/solar-cars.htm


And why not catamaran sailboat ferries and clipper ships, with solar panels for decks, and solar sails?

And, here are a solar bicycle and a recumbent solar trike.


Energy Autonomous Concept Devices

Solar home devices - solarhome.org/solaroutdoorlights.html

And here are Amory Lovins' "Rocky Mountain Institute's" 'abundance by design' core principles - rmi.org/sitepages/pid60.php.

And, why not create a solar-powered, virtual world Universe, converging and networking Second Life, OpenSim, Google Earth, Croquet, etc., in which to 'inhabit,' but also to replace carbon-producing processes which are causing global warming~climate change, as well as to replace, and thus reverse, other environmentally destructive processes, like deforestation or 'building developments,' on earth?


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